Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

These hindrances, when they have become subtle, are to be removed by a countercurrent.

The darkness of unwisdom is to be removed by the light of wisdom, pursued through fervour, spiritual reading of holy teachings and of life itself, and by obedience to the Master. Lust is to be removed by pure aspiration of spiritual life, which, bringing true strength and stability, takes away the void of weakness which we try to fill by the stimulus of sensations.DOUBLEBREAKHate is to be overcome by love. The fear that arises through the sense of separate, warring selves is to be stilled by the realization of the One Self, the one soul in all. This realization is the perfect love that casts out fear.DOUBLEBREAKThe hindrances are said to have become subtle when, by initial efforts, they have been located and recognized in the psychic nature.

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